Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Co.,Ltd

Our industrial line covers important commodity domains. Including:

Applied widely in synthetic rubber, drugs manufacture,catalyst, battery and organic synthesis : Product list

Application in the battery: Battery metal lithium and alloy aluminum.

Application in aluminum electrolysis and additive of rare earth electrolysis: Industrial lithium fluoride

Application in organic reactive catalyst and medical intermediate synthesis: Butyl lithium series

Application in aluminum solder, air conditioning exsiccator and special cement production: Lithium chloride

Application in making alkali accumulator and lubricating oil of lithium base: Lithium hydroxide

Application in air conditioning exsiccator and gas drying equipment: Lithium bromide

Application in reducing agent, concentrating agent and organic synthetic catalyst: Lithium hydride

Application in medicine, spice, agricultural chemicals, dye and reducing agent of fine organic synthesis: Lithium aluminium hydride

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